Meet The Team


Sall is the Frontman...well woman.... of Ottino's. The one with the ideas and the driver......(literally) of Benito. Enthusiastic and passionate about good produce and even better service, Sall is at her happiest when she's serving good coffee and seeing people enjoy themselves!


Angie is the support network behind Ottino's! Listening to the creative ideas......and the trials and tribulations of Benito's transformation. Angie steps in to help out behind the hatch when an extra pair of hands is required!


Brian is the hero of Ottino's! He had the vision and the energy to restore and transform Benito from a rust bucket that had been sat on a driveway for 10 years to the gorgeous HY van you see today! His energy is boundless and Ottino's wouldn't exist if it wasn't for his vision!